Eco friendly gift boxes

Eco friendly gifts boxes are made using the leaves of Screw pine; which is a large plant that grows across Kerala. The plant and the leaves are explained in detail in the material section. The boxes are a 100 percent eco friendly product for there is no chemicals used in any phase of the product life cycle.

The leaves are dried after removing the thorns then it is dried in sunlight. The dried leaves are then boiled and washed with cold water. Once the consistency is obtained the leaves are dried. And the processed leaves are then kept as bundles. First step is to make the long mats of the dimension¬† 4″ *6″. The mats are then cut and folded and stitched as boxes. Cotton lining is used in the inside to make it more user friendly.

The boxes are 100% natural & Eco friendly

Ideal for spices, dry fruits and jewelry

It adds the value of the gift


Maintenance of the boxes are relatively easy; it is comparably resistant to fungus and micro organisms. It can be easily cleaned by a damp cloth. When you gift something and eco friendly gift boxes like this, you gift the nature. Because people are not going throw the packaging, they definitely re-use it. So be a change agent to a better environment, by gifting sustainable opportunities; rather than mere gifts!








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