Korai Grass


“Sleep is the best meditation” and people of South India had a perfect sleeping companion in older days that is called as pai!. It was made using Korai grass.

Dried Korai Grass
Dried Korai grass

It is made with long silky Korai grass which grow mainly in Tamilnadu, especially in Karur. Same or similar grass was available in some regions of Kerala and Andhra. Korai grass is a weed that grow straight up to 3 -4 feet and have an umbrella like delicate structure on the top. It has an open purple brown feathery flower.

The features like flexibility and silkiness made people to think about using it for making sleeping mats at those time. It was a weed and available everywhere so a productive utilization of a weed resulted in comfortable sleeping mats for people. Now along with sleeping mats the grass is converted to table mats runners, baskets and many other decor and utility items.

We have similar reasons to like the material in our collection. We make baskets, trays and rugs with Korai Grass. All the products are carefully hand woven by skilled artisans.

Raw material processing

The processing of the grass is different from that of making traditional sleeping mat. The stems are soaked in water for 24 hours to make it soft, then it is hand twisted to make long yarns of Korai grass. The hand twisting is time consuming and one has to very careful only highly skilled artisans can perform it. Special care has to given because it always slip off hands and tend become loose. The ropes has to be tight and fine to get better finishing for the final products. A special team of women are trained for the same and they are doing it for years now.

The twisted yarn is then brought to the production unit and from there it will take the form as baskets and mats.Smoking and similar surface treatment also done for the products to eliminate fungus and microorganisms.

The color of Korai grass itself gives a premium feel and blends with any type of interior. It is flexible and dust free. The grass has a water resistance property so it is good even in moisture areas. Fungus and similar problems are less for this. Any product with Korai Grass can be easily cleaned with a dry cotton cloth and exposure to sunlight gives freshness.

A sustainable material, which is easy to maintain and strong is the primary feature to consider Korai grass home accessories. The products are for people who chose to have an Eco friendly home without compromising style and feel.