Coir fiber planters

Coina is large size planter baskets made with coir fiber; a natural choice for indoor and outdoor garden plants. Coir or coco fiber is the best natural fiber in terms of durability and coir fiber planters are a gift to your plants.

  • It adds the aesthetic value of the garden
  • It helps in root germination
  • Helps to balance the temperature and this enhances the plant growth
  • Coir absorbs the excess water from the soil and hydrate the plants for long time
  • The coir fiber planters are bio degradable

It is easy to convert your garden to an Eco friendly one and get rid of plastic planters.

The production process

The natural coir is hand braided first and finished, and the braid is woven as baskets. A basket with mix of bleach and natural also made to enhance the beauty. In that natural coir of the same quality and thickness is bleached and braided separately and then woven as baskets.

The baskets are flexible and easy to manage; potting mix can be directly  filled in the basket. Coina baskets are available in varying sizes and patterns. It is ideal for small fruit plants and ornamental plants.

We do customize these baskets as well. According to the requirements of client we fix handles. Few of our clients prefer to use this as log baskets because of the strength. Coco fiber is one of the strongest natural fiber available and that adds many values to the final product.

You know your gardens better so we would like to hear from you about the plant requirements. We are trying to bring natural products wherever possible and make it more functional.






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