Shatha – Organize with baskets

It is our space we can keep it organized, cluttered, messy beautiful…..and we all have less time to do all these fancy things. At heart you would like to see the place organised, time and limited storage spaces makes us create clutter everyday.

No more storage hassles- convert the clutter to design elements, and our natural fiber baskets are decor that can add a statement for the interiors. A 100% hand made natural fiber basket can add subtle charm to the living room and it will hold that extra books and cushions. If you have small kids use few more baskets in living room so that all their toys, crayons, papers and materials can be easily stored in the living room once they done with their daily play routine. The “Shatha collection” is a range of storage baskets, in small, medium and large size made with different types of natural fiber materials in India.

We use water hyacinth, korai grass, sabai grass, coir etc… to make the baskets. The weaving patterns, use and properties will be different for different fibers. The Shatha collection includes premium designs those are finished with great care by women artisans of Kerala – India. They beleive in making great designs with beautiful weaving patterns that can bring relaxation and refreshment in your homes.

The neutral shades of the grass makes it easy to blend with any interior elements like wall colors and sofa. The cleaning and maintenance also is easy for the baskets. The product life cycle is complex, we take utmost care in

selecting the raw materials and in its processing so that the final product has desired quality.

To view the collection and place orders please follow the link……

Only bulk orders are accepted for “Shatha collection”. If you have a special requirement write to us at we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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