We need many types of storage baskets

Yes we need many types of storage basket, few of them should be silky smooth, some of them round and some others rectangular or square. Storing and organizing is very important for us because we have many things to do every day. And searching everything is not a good idea and it is waste of time. We have a collection of coir storage baskets, it can help in your organizing.

Ever think of having eco friendly storage baskets in a moist area, moisture is stopping us to go for green products and we end up choosing plastics. But we have a solution for you, Coir storage baskets with lid you can keep it even outdoors. It’s beautiful and tough, water resistant and 100% bio degradable.

Let others talk about your organizing skills, having a room for everything makes it super easy. We save time and energy!

How it is made

Taz collection is our first coir storage baskets with lids. The lid helps you hide things, that you need to keep away. This comes in different sizes and there is a stripe series in Taz which is coming soon!

Taz is made using the hand woven Mangad coir, from Kollam region of Kerala. Mangad coir is relatively thicker and it is hand twisted tightly, so that the baskets are also sturdy. It’s like baskets love to be woven by this coir. The coir fiber used for this is also special and this gives the yarn a shiny golden color.  Fiber is examined for uniformity before the weaving process starts. Basket is woven on frame and the lid is made with same material. Lid is attached and the final basket is given a finishing trim. The coir storage baskets with lid – Taz is ready to store (hide) your products.

  • Ideal for out door and indoor storage
  • Water resistant
  • Organic and 100% biodegradable
  • weather resistant

Happy organizing

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