Handmade baskets and trays with hand spun jute

Handmade baskets and trays with hand spun jute is a soft addition to our collection. Because we feel jute will complement the rough textured coir, and you should get more choices. And sustainable materials are all around us and we just need to see and identify them.


jute tray
Jute tray

The baskets and trays are made with braided hand spun jute, and so it is more beautiful. And to your surprise as the term that suggests ” hand spun braided jute” – it is completely hand braided rope. It is a wonderful art to watch women making the long uniform braided rope. the ropes are then segregated and baskets are woven over frames. The only tool is long needles that moves to and forth when artisans stitch the braids together.

There is round and rectangular baskets as well as trays. It can easily be an organizer inside the closet. And we accept custom bulk orders for jute baskets


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