Natural Fiber Laundry Basket

Ner is a simple basket we all need, it is attractive and functional at the same time. It is the highest selling natural fiber laundry basket in our collection. It is made with Korai grass the Indian version of sea grass, the collection have products of natural color and texture. The hand twisted special grade Korai grass undergoes a process before weaving. Once the fiber is ready the baskets are hand woven on frames, same quality material is used for weft and warp. Once the weaving is done to the desired dimension; the frames are removed and the baskets are collected and finished at a single point.

Ner range is mainly used as laundry baskets, it is strong enough to be a multipurpose basket. It brings life to the room when things are organized and empty spaces are occupied with accessories. The most attractive feature of the collection is the sizes, we have made all the possible sizes that can serve different people and homes. The storage requirements and styles differ for people so we are flexible for this range of natural fiber laundry basket sizes. So that we can cater to a range of home makers in different part of the world.

Another feature that adds value and acceptance of the product is the cleaning and maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with a cotton cloth, water spill and similar actions will not damage the product. After wiping the spilled water the laundry baskets can be dried in sunlight. And there is  no discoloration for the product.

The minimum quantity requirement for the bin is 100 units in each size; packaging is done in corrugated boxes. And a single box can hold two small bins or a large basket.

Everyday we think how we can improve our self our living space to get some thing more. Get something more it can be happiness, energy, relaxation with small actions everyday, we are here to celebrate life not to stress out. Choose products wisely for you know your needs and comfort.

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