Nature’s Expressions

coir baskets
Nature’s Expressions

It is a thanks giving to nature – the collection ” Nature’s Expressions “. Baskets and place mats for your home, with a special focus on Kitchen. It is our commitment for design innovation to bring more Eco-friendly range. And we are happy with the new collection, because it has small and big and in different shapes too.

Kitchen is an area we have many limitations to a natural fiber product, main reason is the moisture. It is our trial with coir, gave us good results. Coir is not afraid of fungus or any such mold. In fact they are afraid of coir! Without any chemical treatment coir products makes themselves resistant to moister and water. So you will have cleaner air in the kitchen.

Kitchen is a place of imagination and creativity, so definite things will never be enough. We always need more or less items than expected and this stands true for ingredients as well as accessories. Trying to make room for everything is either a challenge or a fun.

Let nature’s expressions be the first step in making kitchen more sustainable!



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