Organic storage trays

Some times the word organic comes with a lot of NOs, but that has changed and now there are many yes for it. It is a wish to have less clutter in kitchen, it is time saving as well. Here we are helping you to organize the kitchen better with organic storage trays. It is green as well as home made. The tray goes beyond something handmade, and in this collection the life cycle of the product starts from it’s raw material.

Y it is organic

It is made using traditional knowledge and techniques, good quality husk is immersed in water for 14 – 18 months so that the fiber is free of all the binding particles and in water the strength of fiber also increases. So in converting husk to fiber no chemicals are used. Then the husks are taken out and beaten to remove non fibrous portion of the husk (coco peat). The fiber is then hand twisted to make tight coir yarns. These yarns are then woven as trays. So in any of these steps or after that we don’t use chemicals. And it is safe in your kitchen, and it is fungus resistant and water resistant.



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