Handwoven natural fiber square basket

Kois is strong and flexible square basket with rope handles made of korai grass.It is available only in one size and a premium storage basket ideal for a well arranged room. It can hold anything from magazines to blankets and can act as smart planter box .

The Production ProcessĀ 

Korai grass is segregated to get the thicker stems then it is soaked for 24 hours and hand twisted. The hand twisted material is dried for 2- 3 days to get rid of the water content. Then it is hand braided and stored as bundles of 4 kg. The braided grass is then woven on the frame to get the basket. As the name indicated ” handwoven natural fiber square basket” starting from raw material processing it is hand done.The baskets are then given finishing treatments to prevent fungus and micro organisms to spoil the product.

The baskets can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and can be kept in sunlight for few hours to give it a fresh look.

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