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Coconut shell cup
Coffee mugs in Coconut shell


Started with mugs and we have a collection of serve ware now in coconut shell ! it is a result of many thoughts,endless design opportunities with coconut shell and the features and properties of the natural material that can make us feel better from inside and outside alike. A sustainable collection of serve ware made of coconut shell, irresistible colors and tones – because it is not created by us, it is all natural. Table top range of coconut shell products are made with special grade coconut shells sourced from different parts of Kerala. This ensures superior quality for products that we offer.

Kerala is the land of coconut, and no surprise there are many types and varieties of coconut shell. This help us in making coffee mugs and beer mugs in different size and shapes, totally different soup bowls and ice cream bowls and the mini desert bowl is a cute little surprise for all.

coconut shell cup
Natural coconut shell cup

A coffee mug is like a friend for many, starting from morning during the day at work and in the kitchen. The natural rustic feel and color makes these mugs special Рand it connects you with nature Рmorning coffee in nature’s bowl. Your chance of saying thanks to the earth by using sustainable products in daily life without compromising aesthetics, utility and durability.

Decorating tables for occasions and making it memorable is something that we all wish, and selecting all those small accessories should be enjoyable too. We can help you here with products that can change the look and overall feel of the party. A dashing difference with an eco friendly product makes the occasion memorable .

Coconut bowl
Coconut bowl

The collection is not limited to mugs and bowls , as it is said earlier we are evolving everyday and we have some interesting products as below:-




coconut bowl with lid
Coconut canister




How it is made

All tableware items are carefully crafted with a full coconut; the flesh is removed and the inner part of the shell is brushed to get rid of any excess material. Next step is treating the shells with food grade chlorine then the shells are cut with semi machines into desirable shapes. The handles are attached and kept for 24 hours so that it is properly fixed in the space. All Cococod series serve wear is treated with hot water before packaging.

We have an yearly capacity to make 100,000 table wares, the raw material is a natural product and the coconut shells will be unique. But we have a system in which we collect shells in bulk from specific areas and segregate it before and after processing. This enables us to bring uniformity in our products. The shape, size and volume will be same for each product category.

To see the collection and to know more about individual products please follow the link.

We are taking only bulk orders for Cococod collection

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