Coir planters for indoors

Urban garden concept is evolving much faster and we are inviting nature indoors. Coir planters for indoors are our contribution for the trend. Experiment with natural products and reduce plastic as far as possible. With the petite planters you can add the texture for the internal courtyard without worrying about fungus.

Coir planter basket
Coir basket
Coir planter


Coir Planters/Baskets

  • Water resistant
  • Fungus free
  • Biodegradable
  • Handwoven

The fun fact about the planters are you can add the coir baskets to your potting mixture when you wish to replace them . It is the most desirable feature of the coir basket. Recycle easily at your place with no residues left to bother you any more. Coir baskets have temperature managing properties that will help the planters happy all the time.


Stripe design coir planters
Coir Baskets


Making a vibrant and sustainable urban garden is so easy now and there are more choices everyday. For that perfect unique look, try different natural materials and blend it all in your home garden. It is going to stand out.

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