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A good supply of fresh native fruits frequently making my lock down days delicious in a special way; most of them are nostalgic as well.  The forgotten and unimportant fruits around us got some attention I think. For me I loved all those small things irrespective of its taste most of them are sour. Making Eco friendly storage basket is the work we had this week, when I got some water apples I felt like clicking some shots. 

And all these nostalgia is gifted to me by my team mates; having a great team gives everyone the strength to overcome the obstacles. We are working from home,  and it is a period in my life to realize them. How much we are involved each other, the energy of working together the laughs and often the time categorized as wasted all meant a lot for us; it has shaped Craftpair. And now Craftpair is a feeling that binds all of us.

We are waiting for that day when the world is back to normal to hold our hands and to laugh together!

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