Round Storage Basket with oxford jute

Oxford jute baskets – An ecological fabric basket collection that’s premium and refined! 

JUCO baskets …. Yes the fine baskets made with oxford jute for many tables, plants and kitchens.  Do we need all these baskets?

Honestly we need few of them not all!!! Now that decoration means functionality, everything in our homes has a purpose. We all stopped overdoing, as responsible living beings on earth we started thinking of the nature, the animals and plants.

Hand finishes for jute round baskets

The basket means primarily storage – The store in style concept.

When planned creatively these can create focus points and vibrant corners around us. 

We have always felt a basket adds a character if it is positioned in or on the right spot.  So we thought of creating baskets with juco because it is strong and beautiful. Neutral colours that blends and adding designs, prints and embroidery that adds a touch of bright and soothing hues. It is a truck full of possibilities.

Jute round basket

What will be the size of smallest basket you need? Let us know;

so that we can understand whether the collection has enough baskets in all dimensions. Let’s discuss and find out what are your requirements and we are sitting here to make it all possible choices.

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